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All NFL slot receivers were created equal, sort of

Danny Amendola, Wes Welker, they're all the same, right?


Wes Welker and Danny Amendola, pretty much the same guys, right? Not so fast Dana Holgorsen, who coached both players at Texas Tech and said it was "unfair" to compare the two shorter, white slot receivers.

Holgorsen shared his feelings on NFL Network Thursday morning (via CBS):

"Danny's a little bit different guy. He's a little bit more of a downfield guy. But they're similar in the nature that they understand the game and they're tough and they like to play the game and they have the knack to get open and catch the ball. So, yeah, I think Danny will have a tremendous amount of success."

Lazy player comparisons are a standardized part of the NFL. Unlike lumping all black quarterbacks together, there's actually some very notable similarities between the two slot receivers from Texas Tech. The Patriots felt the two were sort of interchangeable, with the difference of a few million bucks.

Okay, so let's think of some comparable players for Amendola or Welker. Well, there's Brandon Stokley ... d'oh. Um, Ryan Swope? Dammit. Okay, Jeremy Kerley, Santana Moss, Steve Smith (when he was relevant with the Giants) are others that fit into the similar category of slot receivers.

Who else?

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