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Matt Cassel will join Vikings, according to report

Just hours after being released by the Chiefs, Matt Cassel has found a new home with the Minnesota Vikings.

Matt Sullivan

Matt Cassel was only a free agent for a matter of hours. After being released by the Chiefs earlier on Thursday, Cassel has signed with the Minnesota Vikings, according to Jay Glazer.

As soon as Cassel was released, Minnesota became the rumored landing spot for the former Kansas City starter. The Vikings were looking to upgrade their backup quarterback situation after Joe Webb was thrust into the starting role for Minnesota's playoff game against the Packers and struggled mightily.

Cassel also serves as a plan B if Christian Ponder fails to improve or his level of play declines. Last season Ponder was inconsistent, throwing for 2,935 yards, 18 touchdowns and 12 interceptions with a 81.2 rating. Three times he failed to throw for over 100 yards.

After filling in for Tom Brady in 2008, Cassel earned a big contract with the Chiefs, but he struggled over the last two seasons. In 2012 he lost his starting job to Brady Quinn and finished the season with 1,796 yards, six touchdowns and 12 interceptions. Once Kansas City traded for Alex Smith, Cassel's release became an eventual certainty.

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