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Chad Johnson rumors: WR trying to make NFL comeback

Chad Johnson says he would love to make a comeback to the NFL, and that this time he has learned from his mistakes.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Chad Johnson is trying to make his way back into the NFL. Last seen being released by the Miami Dolphins on an episode of Hard Knocks, Johnson believes he is a changed man from the one who was arrested on domestic battery charges last August. He told CSN Houston that he wants another opportunity.

I'd love to get a second chance to play the game I love," Johnson said. "That was taken away from me, I think I learned my lesson, It's in God's hands, so we'll see what happens."

Johnson's last playing time was with the New England Patriots. He signed with the team in 2011 to be a potential deep threat, but was seldom targeted. In 15 games played, he had just 15 receptions for 276 yards, both career lows. Johnson changed his last name back from "Ochocinco" after being released in June in hopes of cleaning up his image. He was cut by the Dolphins one day after his arrest.

Johnson said that he does not care where he plays.

"I'm in no position to be picky," Johnson said. "There are not very many people who get second chances. For me, I've been very good to the NFL and for the NFL for a number of years, making the game fun and exciting.

"But I did mess up."

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