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NFL March Madness: West regional

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The NFL offseason may be in a lull, but instead of paying attention to college basketball, we've decided to create our own tournament to determine the best offensive touchdown of the 2012 season.

Joe Robbins

It's March, which means it's time to take inspiration from the NCAA Tournament and make brackets of random things to finally decide which is best.

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The best sandwich was under heavy consideration, but in the end, we decided to answer the age old question of who scored the best offensive touchdown during the 2012 NFL season. There were 1,158 offensive touchdowns scored last season, but voting on them all would take a while, so instead, we've narrowed it down to the 32 best.

The final 32 include 18 passing touchdowns, 14 rushing touchdowns and plenty of broken tackles. The 32 touchdowns have been broken down into four regions. Matchups will be voted on, winners will advance, one touchdown will prevail and fun will be had by all.

The regions will be named after directions which have no relation. Here's a look at the West Region.

The West -- First Round

(1) Adrian Peterson Abuses The Packers vs.
(8) DeAngelo Williams Screen And Score
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(2) Marshawn Lynch Does It Again vs.
(7) Jamaal Charles is really fast
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(3) Jermaine Gresham Has Stiff Arms vs.
(6) Adrian Peterson Cares Not For Your Arm Tackles
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(4) RGIII Off To The Races vs.
(5) Nate Washington Over The Back
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