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NFL March Madness: No. 4 'RGIII Off To The Races' vs. No. 5 'Nate Washington Over The Back'

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Robert Griffin III is fast and has some nifty moves, but will that be enough to get past a ridiculous catch by Nate Washington? Vote now.


West Region -- First Round

West regional home

(4) RGIII Off To The Races


(5) Nate Washington Over The Back

(4) RGIII Off To The Races

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Griffin's 76-yard touchdown run may not look as impressive as others, but that is more because of Griffin's ability than a lack of difficulty. He began by easily brushing off a reaching tackle attempt from Chad Greenway. From there Griffin was into the open field where he showed off his speed.

Safety Jamarca Sanford appeared to have an angle on Griffin, but that lasted for about a second. Harrison Smith also appeared to have a chance for a brief moment, but Griffin quickly pulled away forcing Smith to dive and come up empty. Those aren't linebackers Griffin is blowing away from, Smith and Sanford were starting safeties in the NFL. From there, no one else had a shot as Griffin glided into the endzone.

(5) Nate Washington Over The Back

Watch the play at

This 71-yard Nate Washington touchdown is impressive not for the length, or a series of jukes or broken tackles. Instead, it made the cut because it was an absolutely ridiculous catch.

Washington jumped into the air and reached over the back of Jacob Lacey, essentially catching the ball blind before it hit Lacey in the back. Washington not only managed to hang onto the ball, but also kept his balance, turning up field in one effortless stride. By the time Lacey realized what just happened, Washington is trotting into the endzone.

Who has your vote?

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