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NFL March Madness: South regional

We continue our quest to determine the best offensive touchdown of the 2012 NFL season with eight more candidates. If you like broken tackles, you'll enjoy several candidates in the South bracket.

Thomas B. Shea

Like the West region, the South bracket of the NFL March Madness touchdown tournament has a few quality contenders.

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A glance at the South region, and you may be surprised by some of the names listed, but their plays speak for themselves. Dennis Pitta, for one, wouldn't be the first player I'd expect to score one of the most impressive offensive touchdowns of the season, but there he is.

Here is a closer look at the South region.

The South -- First Round

(1) Justin Blackmon Hit And Run vs.
(8) Cam Newton Goes Superman
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(2) Dennis Pitta Cannot Be Tackled vs.
(7) Riley Cooper Does Not Need Two Hands
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(3) Andrew Hawkins Gets Shifty With It vs.
(6) Bryce Brown Is Gone
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(4) C.J. Spiller Says LOL Jets vs.
(5) Trent Richardson Jumps Around
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