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NFL rule changes: The internet responds to Roger Goodell

NFL owners passed a handful of rule changes this week, and the internet isn't too pleased.

Allison Joyce

The NFL owners meetings concluded on Wednesday, but not after passing a handful of rule changes for the 2013 season. NFL owners voted to abolish the tuck rule, peel-back blocks and overloaded special teams formations. Perhaps the most controversial rule change to come of the NFL owners meetings regards player safety, as offensive players cannot lead with the crown-of-the-helmet into defenders when outside of the tackle box.

The rule is designed to prevent offensive players from using their helmet as a weapon. In theory, the rule will help prevent further head injuries to both offensive players and defensive players.

A number of internet users seemed less than pleased with the rule changes, and some voiced their opinion on Twitter. The tweets read about like you would have expected them to.

The Havana Jaguars has a nice ring to it.

Surely there's something in the Book of Revelation about player safety.

Flag football is no joke, either. In just eight games this season for my own flag team, we've had a groin injury, a Grade II foot sprain, broken ribs, fingers and damaged egos.

List of players with 50 years experience playing in the NFL:

Goodell has managed to place himself in a can't-win situation. Recent rule changes have benefited offensive players, as defenders cannot lead with their helmet or hit defenseless receivers -- even lightly tapping on the quarterback sometimes results in a personal foul. The crown-of-the-helmet rule helps keep running backs and defensive backs safe, as the helmet simply shouldn't be used as a weapon.

But hey, not everybody is angry with Goodell.

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