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NFL March Madness: North regional

Can I interest you in some juke moves, broken tackles and really fast running backs? The North bracket of the touchdown tournament may just be the strongest of all.


Every touchdown in this tournament is impressive, but the North region may be the most stacked of all. The best from some of the NFL's biggest stars is on display in this bracket.

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When an 86-yard touchdown run by Jamaal Charles is the eight-seed, you know it's a loaded bracket. In addition to Charles, Randy Moss, Trent Richardson, Dez Bryant and others make appearances in the North. Despite the star power, Chris Ivory's 56-yard touchdown may be the sleeper of the entire tournament.

Here is a closer look at the complete North bracket.

The North -- First Round

(1) The Bengals Are No Match For Trent Richardson vs.
(8) Jamaal Charles Is Still Really Fast

(2) Chris Ivory Goes Tecmo Bowl vs.
(7) Randy Moss Still Has Moves

(3) Dez Bryant Nonchalantly Destroys The Saints vs.
(6) Darrius Heyward-Bey To The House

(4) Golden Tate Goes Airborne vs.
(5) Santana Moss Up And Over

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