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Tim Tebow will not be answering your questions

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Tim Tebow made a public speaking appearance. It was very carefully controlled.

Jeff Zelevansky

Tim Tebow was at Whataburger Field in Corpus Christi on Wednesday to speak to an eager public about religion, Mel Gibson and the usual array of stuff that keeps him busy on the travel circuit. Media on hand to cover the event had to deal with some very strict limitations on their own passion for reporting the news.

No questions for Tebow, no flash photography, no recording anything more than 60 seconds of B-roll, etc. Everything was totally cool though. Here's a photo of the restrictions, via Jim Romenesko.



We can assume smoking, drinking and swearing were off limits too.

He really did talk about Mel Gibson, but not the movie you would necessarily expect. Tebow used "Braveheart" for his anecdotal purposes on Wednesday night. Worth pointing out that "Braveheart" is really pretty much the same as "The Passion of the Christ" except with totally cool Scottish accents.

Gibson himself is no big fan of the media, except when he needs to use it for publicity, so he and Tim Tebow have more than one thing in common.