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Steelers rumors: James Harrison not ruling out Pittsburgh return

Could James Harrison return to Pittsburgh? To quote Kevin Garnett, "anything is possible."

Gregory Shamus

The Pittsburgh Steelers released linebacker James Harrison earlier this month, but Harrison's agent hasn't ruled out a return to Pittsburgh, according to a report from ESPN's Adam Schefter.

Harrison's return to Pittsburgh isn't imminent, but according to Schefter's report, Harrison's agent Bill Parise said he has not closed the door on a return to the Steelers and would "welcome a call" from Pittsburgh. The Steelers released the 35-year-old Harrison on March 9 in order to create salary cap space.

Since his release, Harrison hasn't received much interest on the free agent market. Sports Illustrated's Peter King called Harrison the "coldest name" at the NFL meetings. King said he could not find any team interested in Harrison. He was scheduled to visit Baltimore, but the Ravens appear to have moved on since signing Elvis Dumervil.

Harrison was scheduled to earn $6.57 million next season, but with the lack of interest thus far and the current free agent market, he figures to make significantly less next season. Harrison could instead be in line for an incentive-laden short-term deal.

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