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NFL March Madness: No. 4 'C.J. Spiller Says LOL Jets' vs. No. 8 'Cam Newton Goes Superman'

Cam Newton's diving touchdown was impressive enough to advance past a No. 1 seed while C.J. Spiller advanced after a re-vote due to tie in the initial voting. Vote now.

Grant Halverson

South Region -- Second Round

Sweet 16 bracket

(4) C.J. Spiller Says LOL Jets vs.

(8) Cam Newton Goes Superman

(4) C.J. Spiller Says LOL Jets

Skip ahead to 1:00 or watch the play at

Spiller's touchdown against the Jets advanced, but only after a re-vote. Spiller and Trent Richardson tied after the first round of voting. Spiller, however, dominated the re-vote, collecting 71 percent of the vote to advance to the Sweet 16.

(8) Cam Newton Goes Superman

Watch the play at

Despite entering the tournament as a No. 8 seed, Cam Newton advanced to the Sweet 16. Newton knocked off Justin Blackmon in the first round by collecting 59 percent of the vote. Running backs and wide receivers dominate the remaining entrants, with Newton one of two remaining quarterbacks in the field.

Who has your vote?

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