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Jaguars reportedly explored Matt Flynn trade with Seahawks

The Jaguars reportedly explored the option of seeking a trade with the Seahawks that would send quarterback Matt Flynn to the Sunshine State, but ultimately chose against it.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars reportedly explored the option of attempting to trade for quarterback Matt Flynn, but ultimately decided not to pull the trigger, according to The Florida Times-Union's Ryan O'Halloran.

The Jaguars have struggled on offense since selecting former Mizzou quarterback Blaine Gabbert in the first round of the 2011 draft. Gabbert has completed 392 of 691 passes for a total of 3,876 yards, 21 touchdowns and 17 interceptions for a quarterback rating of 70.2. He has fallen short of other quarterbacks taken in his draft class, including Cam Newton, Andy Dalton and Christian Ponder. The Jaguars have subsequently only won a total of seven games over the last two seasons, finishing the 2011 season with a 5-11 record and going 2-14 in 2012.

Flynn signed a three-year deal worth $19.5 million with the Seahawks after he threw for six touchdowns and 480 yards against the Lions in a single game while with the Green Bay Packers as Aaron Rodgers' backup. He was expected to take the reins for the Seahawks in 2013, but the team decided to go with Russell Wilson, who led the Seahawks to the playoffs, instead.

The Jaguars reportedly did their "due diligence" in making a decision on Flynn and decided against it based on the fact that they are committed to building in the draft and Flynn's salary carries cap numbers of $7.25 million in 2013 and $8.25 million in 2014. Also, Flynn, while impressive against the Lions, has actually less game experience than Gabbert and the team's other quarterback, Chad Henne. The duo have 61 starts between then while Flynn has only two.

The Jaguars have seven picks, including the No. 2 overall selection in the upcoming draft and hope to improve the team with young and talented players.

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