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Joe Flacco's contract worth $52 million guaranteed with Ravens

Joe Flacco won't have to worry about negotiating for a new contract anytime soon. His new deal pockets him a significant amount in guaranteed money.

Greg Fiume

Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens agreed to a six-year, $120.6 million contract this past Friday, making him the highest-paid played in NFL history. Flacco will earn $52 million guaranteed, ranking him among the league's elite quarterbacks in this category.

Baltimore Beatdown: How can Flacco earn this?

Drew Brees signed a huge, multi-year contract last year that guaranteed $60 million. Tom Brady also receives close to the same amount with the Patriots. Franchise quarterbacks are pricey, and these figures are close to what we can now expect for players of such status.

According to Peter King, Flacco's contract pays him $100,000 more than Brees' mega-deal from last offseason. King also notes how unfortunate it was for the Ravens to not reach a deal in 2012, as they would have saved a considerable amount.

Flacco's agent, Joe Linta, wanted $17.5 million for the last year of his new five-year deal, but Baltimore was set on offering $15.5 million. Instead of reaching a settlement between the two figures, Flacco ended up winning a Super Bowl and earning the biggest payday we've ever seen. In hindsight, it's easy to say they should have paid him.

The first few years of his contract are cap-friendly for the Ravens. He will only cost $6.8 million in cap space for 2013. However, the later years will certainly be restructured, as he's due a whopping $29 million in year four.

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