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Rams could tag Danny Amendola as tight end, according to report

Danny Amendola could receive the transition tag from the St. Louis Rams -- as a tight end.


Possible free agent wide receiver Danny Amendola could end up receiving the transition tag from the St. Louis Rams after all -- but not as a wide receiver. According to Adam Caplan, the Rams are considering placing the transition tag on Amendola as a tight end and not as a wide receiver.

At the least, credit Jeff Fisher and the Rams for trying to get creative.

It seems unlikely that the NFL would approve designating Amendola as anything but a wide receiver. Pro Football Focus noted that Amendola played 523 snaps in 2012 and was only lined up as a tight end for four of them.

If Amendola were to receive the transition tag as a tight end, the Rams would have the right to match any contract from another NFL team. Amendola would earn just over $5 million under the transition tag as a tight end.

Amendola played in 11 games for the Rams in 2012, catching 66 passes for 666 yards and three touchdowns. At 5'11, 188 pounds, Amendola certainly resembles a wide receiver -- and doesn't resemble a tight end in the least.

Rams general manager Les Snead made it clear that the Rams will not use the franchise tag this season. Using the franchise tag on Amendola (as a wide receiver) would have cost the Rams over $10 million in 2013.

St. Louis will have until 4 p.m. ET to decide whether or not to try to tag Amendola as a tight end.

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