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Vince Young will work out at Texas Pro Day

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Former No. 3 pick Vince Young will work out at Texas' Pro Day on March 26 as he attempts to come back to the NFL.


After spending 2012 out of the NFL, quarterback Vince Young will work out at the Texas Pro Day according to Mack Brown via Stewart Mandel. With JaMarcus Russell scheduled to hold a pro day in April and Pat White working out at West Virginia, Young is just the latest to join the trend of former pros attempting to use a pro day to spark interest among NFL teams. Young will already be on campus as he is finishing his degree this semester; the Texas Pro Day will take place on March 26.

Young last played with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2011, where he struggled while starting three games as Michael Vick's backup. Young posted a 60.8 rating with only four touchdowns to nine interceptions.

The former Texas star and No. 3 pick of the 2006 NFL Draft was at one time a rising star before falling out of favor. Young was named the 2006 Offensive Rookie of the Year and earned a Pro Bowl selection as a rookie. He earned another Pro Bowl selection in 2009 after some up-and-down years with the Titans in which he was in and out of the starting position, but that was his last significant success in the NFL.

Young joined the Buffalo Bills for training camp in 2012, but was released prior to the start of the regular season. The success of mobile quarterbacks this past season gives Young a reason to hope that he could get a shot at some team's training camp in 2013.

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