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NFL Draft movie starring Kevin Costner moves from Bills to Browns

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Buffalo took another hit on Tuesday in a battle of downtrodden cities.

Ezra Shaw

Even during the offseason, the Buffalo Bills and their fans still lose.

On Tuesday, word came down that director/actor Kevin Costner's new movie, "Draft Day," will no longer center around the Bills, but instead the Cleveland Browns, according to the Buffalo News.

"At the end of the day, it was a money thing. I think Mr. [Ivan] Reitman really wanted to shoot here, but it just came down to the cost factor. What we were told is that the Cleveland incentives were better," Tim Clark, head of the Buffalo Niagara Film Commission, said.

"Draft Day" was supposed to be about Costner playing a general manager that brings the Bills to glory, but instead it will feature the Browns.

The main reason is money, with Cleveland offering a better deal to the film. Buffalo did what it could to bring the movie to western New York, but ultimately fell short.

One of the biggest reasons the movie went to Ohio was tax laws in New York, costing many folks in the area potential jobs that the movie would have provided. Per the News:

"I wish I could say what happened was a rarity, but it’s becoming a more common occurrence," Clark said. "I don’t know if the Reitman film would have come here if we had a higher tax incentive upstate and in Western New York, but it wouldn’t have hurt."

Costner, of course, is no stranger to sports movies, so don't count out the idea that the Bills just lost out on a classic. Costner's most famous sports flick is "Field of Dreams," in which he plays a man who lives in Iowa and builds a baseball field so the legends of past times can play.