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The 7 most dishonest things Roger Goodell said to college students today

Roger Goodell spoke to students at the University of North Carolina today and taught us all a lesson about what it takes to be the most powerful person in sports.

via Sports Illustrated

Roger Goodell has been everywhere lately. A few weeks ago we found out he makes $29 million per year, more than any player in the NFL. Then just this week there was ESPN's massive feature that ran Tuesday--"His Game, His Rules." And today Sports Illustrated put him on the magazine's cover as the most powerful person in sports. So, how does one become the most powerful man in sports?

Goodell spoke to students at the University of North Carolina today, and CBS Sports' Will Brinson was in the crowd live-tweeting the address. Here's what we learned.

1. Concussions are a global problem.

"You could suffer a concussion right now! Walk into that door over there, and boom, concussion. It's an issue for all of us, if you stop and think about it. More people who don't play football suffer concussions than any NFL players. And you say football has a concussion problem?"

2. Medical decisions override everything.

Goodell deserves every penny of the $29 million if he kept a straight face here.

3. The new kickoff rules have nearly cut concussions in half.

Because "40 percent reduction" sounds better than 1.4 percent reduction overall.

4. Defensive backs suffer more concussions than any position in football.

Remember: always trust the NFL's reporting when it comes to concussions.

5. What's stopping an 18 game schedule?

That's why we're still discussing it three years after players said it was a safety risk.

6. Of course players trust team doctors.

August 2011: The Medical Board Says David Chao Is A Drunk. Former Patients Say He’s A Quack. Why Is He An NFL Team Doctor?

February 2013: San Diego Chargers Docter David Chao Cleared In NFLPA Protest.

7. Seriously, just everything here.

Don't you see? If players would stop believing all the MEDIA LIES about their life expectancy and decide to save their money, they might start making better financial decisions, and then you could stop asking Roger Goodell why the NFL doesn't help its broke retired players as they slide into dementia. There are so many layers of dishonesty there, it's kind of incredible Goodell didn't just burst into flames.

But hey, he's still here!

God Bless Roger Goodell, the most powerful man in sports.

And take notes, college students: If you dream big, work hard, and never actually tell the truth about anything, then you, too, can be on the cover of Sports Illustrated one day.