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Mike Wallace rumors: Vikings, Dolphins expected to compete for Steelers receiver

The Dolphins are known to be interested in Mike Wallace, but they aren't the only ones. Miami is expecting plenty of competition for Wallace, including Minnesota.

Jared Wickerham

Wide receiver Mike Wallace is expected to be one of the most sought after players when free agency opens on March 12. The Miami Dolphins are known to be interested, but they aren't the only team and could end up in a bidding war with the Minnesota Vikings.

Some consider Wallace to be the top free agent wide receiver with others going as far as calling him the best free agent available. According to a report from, Wallace is Miami's No. 1 target as the Dolphins continue to search for wide receivers. The Dolphins like Wallace for his speed and ability to make plays in the red zone; and after missing out on the top free agent wide receivers last season, Miami is prepared to pay to sign Wallace.

That may mean getting into a bidding war and, according to the report, the Dolphins are prepared to do just that. Miami is reportedly anticipating the Vikings being a key competitor, which could lead to a big payday for the 26-year-old Wallace. He may even top the five-year $55.56 million deal Vincent Jackson signed last offseason.

Wallace would be a prize acquisition for any team in search of a wide receiver, as he has proven to be dangerous threat during his NFL career. Wallace has racked up 4,042 yards in four years while catching 32 touchdowns. If a bidding war ensues, the Dolphins should be in good position as they have close to $37 million in salary cap space.

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