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NFL Draft 2013: Collin Klein determined to play QB

Scouts have suggested that Collin Klein will need to change positions to make his mark in the NFL, but the former Heisman Trophy candidate is determined be a quarterback at the next level.


Collin Klein had an outstanding college career, but with the 2013 NFL Draft looming he finds himself facing an uncertain future. Klein has the ideal frame and excellent athleticism to be an NFL starting quarterback, but his wonky throwing motion has scouts doubting whether he will ever be a passer at the next level. As with Tebow, some have suggested that Klein's best chance of sticking in the NFL is as a tight end. Klein, however, is determined to play under center.

"In my heart, I know I can do it," Klein said. "That's the position I love to play. Until that door closes, I'm going to walk through it. I have the work ethic and all the physical tools to do it. I was very fortunate to have good coaches at K-State. I feel very well equipped."

To their credit, no NFL teams have asked Klein to work out at any position other than quarterback. Then again, no team has asked him to do much of anything. Klein has yet to be invited to an individual workout by a pro team, though he says that he expects that to change in the coming weeks. Still, Klein's quiet phone doesn't bode well for his draft stock.

Currently, Klein is rated as the No. 21 quarterback prospect in this year's draft class by SB Nation's Dan Kadar. In the last ten years, no more than 17 quarterbacks have been taken in a single draft class, with 11-13 much more typical. Klein will very likely be looking to sign on with an NFL team as an undrafted rookie free agent after the draft has ended.

Expect someone to give Klein his chance to be a quarterback in the NFL, but don't expect a long leash if his mechanics are still a problem. Klein was a huge success in college, but he may need to adapt, either as a passer or at another position, if he is going to have a career at the next level.

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