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Draft hopefuls trashed hotel room at NFL Combine

Two unnamed players did some bad things in a hotel room in Indianapolis, and it could cost them during the NFL Draft.


We have a BLIND ITEM from the NFL Draft Combine, as two players reportedly made like rock stars and laid waste to a hotel room, potentially hurting their draft stock.

The scenario surrounding the incident is pretty sketchy -- all we have to go on is Dan Pompei's report from National Football Post:

NFL teams still were trying to find out about an incident in which a hotel room at the combine was trashed, apparently by two players who were staying there. One of the players is a potential first round draft pick, and the incident could affect both players’ stock. Front office men hoped to speak with one of the players about it at his pro day, but the player curiously made himself unavailable to talk.

So we don't know who the players are, what they did, or even if they did it -- note that usage of the word "apparently." It's a pretty bizarre situation, and may or may not be indicative of future failures and successes in the NFL, but it's worth noting for teams about to invest in a young talent. Regardless, probably not the best idea to do stupid stuff during the week where NFL teams scrutinize every single measurable facet of one's being -- as well as unmeasurables, like whether or not you're likely to trash a hotel room.

And now we open the floor to guesswork on who might have been involved.

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