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2013 NFL draft buzz: Chiefs leaning toward Fisher? Ansah older than thought? More news leading up to the draft

With the draft just over a week away, there is a lot left to figure out. Starting with what Kansas City could be doing with the top pick, and a question about a birth certificate.


The NFL Draft kicks off next Thursday in New York, and even that is over a week away, this is crunch time for teams that must make crucial decisions that could decide their fate for years. While some rumors are meaningless, others could carry weight unfathomable for us to understand at the moment. Think of it as being no different than the Colts having to make a decision between Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf.

It wasn't so cut and dry up until the pick was officially made. The Colts are very thankful they were right.

The same could be said for Aaron Rodgers and Alex Smith in 2005, or just about any player that is taken first overall over every other player in the draft. There will always be questions as to how to serve yourself to be right as often as possible, but the odds say that many teams will end up second-guessing themselves. From every draft since 2000, number one overall picks have combined for one All-Pro appearance (Jake Long) while number two overall picks have combined for seven All-Pro selections spread across four different players.

The Chiefs are in the position of taking one player over the entire field. What will they decide to do?

- Daniel Jeremiah of said that he wouldn't be shocked if the Chiefs chose Eric Fisher over Luke Joeckel, and Arrowhead Pride covered the ups and downs of that speculation. Joeckel is considered the safer and more NFL-ready pick, while Fisher is considered to have higher upside.

- Ezekiel "Ziggy" Ansah is a raw prospect that has risen up draft boards as also having ridiculous upside as a pass-rusher, but there has been some question about his age. Listed as 24 on his passport, some teams felt that he looked "old in the face" at the combine. At this point, it seems to be fluffy speculation and not a real concern. Ansah was born in Ghana and came over to BYU with a Mormon missionary.

- Two years ago the Falcons made the biggest move of the NFL draft when they traded up with the Cleveland Browns to select Julio Jones. Reports on Wednesday suggested that Atlanta is again looking to move up in the draft, though the player they are targeting is still unknown. Atlanta has needs at cornerback, defensive end, and running back after the departure of several veteran Falcons in the offseason.

- The Buccaneers are reportedly still interested in acquiring Darrelle Revis from the Jets, but would a starting price of their first round pick be too high?

- Jeremiah also spoke about SMU defensive lineman Margus Hunt as a high second-round pick.

- While Joeckel and Fisher are often talked about as the two best offensive lineman in the draft, Oklahoma tackle Lane Johnson isn't going away. Johnson said that he felt there was a good chance the Eagles would take him with the fourth overall pick, though it's fair to say that Johnson has zero previous experience of being in a draft.

- Texans head coach Gary Kubiak addressed Houston's significant need at wide receiver, leading to speculation that they won't hesitate to use a first -ound pick on a wideout. There is little proven talent after Andre Johnson, and little to know about how much longer Johnson could play at this level.

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