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NFL schedule 2013: Eli Manning believes he will face Peyton early in season

Manning Bowl III is set to take place during the 2013 season, and Eli believes he won't need to wait long to face his older brother.

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Andy Lyons

The third Manning Bowl is scheduled to take place during the 2013 NFL season, with Eli and the New York Giants hosting Peyton and the Denver Broncos. Although the 2013 regular season schedule has yet to be released, Eli Manning has a hunch that he will face his brother early in the season, according to USA Today. "I have a feeling it'll probably come early. I could be wrong, but I have a feeling it will be in the first couple of weeks," Eli said.

The two first met as NFL opponents in opening week of 2006 in the first ever NBC Sunday Night Football broadcast, with Peyton's Colts topping the Giants. In 2010 they met for the second time, and big brother was the winner again in a Week 2 contest, also on a Sunday night.

Eli said he thought both of those games would be early in the season, as well, and seems to favor an early meeting again if he had his druthers. "That's probably the best way to do it and get it over with and put it all behind us." Despite wanting to get the game behind him, Eli admitted, "obviously, anytime you play your brother, when I play Peyton in a game, it is special and it is unique."

Regardless of when they play, it is almost a certainty the game will be primetime viewing once again. The NFL schedule will be released at 8 p.m. ET on Thursday.

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