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2013 NFL Draft grades: Experts weigh in on Day 3 picks for NFC East

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See what people around the Internet had to say about the Day 3 draft picks in the NFC East.


The 2013 NFL Draft is in the books. Let's take a look at what draft experts on the Internet have to say about the Day 3 picks. We'll go division by division, using the grades provided by Jason Chilton of CBS Sports and some observations from SB Nation's Matthew Fairburn.

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys: Dallas earned B+ marks from Chilton for CB B.W. Webb in the fourth and RB Joseph Randle in the 5fh. He particularly likes the selection of OLB DeVonte Holloman in the sixth, giving it a B+ and believing that he "could succeed Justin Durant as Dallas' SLB of the future".

New York Giants: The Giants made waves when they took QB Ryan Nassib in the fourth round. Matthew Fairburn named it one of his most surprising picks, saying it "turned some heads but makes a lot of sense for New York." Eli Manning is 32 now and the team should be thinking about his long-term successor.

Chilton was less impressed with fifth round safety Cooper Taylor, giving the pick a D+. In the seventh round, he gave out a B- for OG Eric Herman and C for RB Michael Cox.

Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles started off Day 3 with a bang, trading up to select QB Matt Barkley with the first pick in the fourth round. JasonB of Bleeding Green Nation was thrown for a curve:

So much for what we thought we knew about what Chip Kelly wants in his QB. Barkley is not a runner, he is a classic drop-back pocket passer who relies on touch and accuracy. With the chance to select any of the athletic QBs in this draft, Chip decides to take the most typical pro-style pocket passer in the draft.

The Eagles scored a major coup in the seventh round, when CB Jordan Poyer fell into their laps. Chilton gives it an A-.

Washington Redskins: The Redskins didn't have many picks in this draft, but they still did a fine job addressing the secondary. Chilton gave them a B+ for taking S Phillip Thomas in the fourth and another B+ for DE Brandon Jenkins in the fifth. They took a chance on S Bacarri Rambo in the sixth and earned a B- for it, while Fairburn notes that it's "the best value pick the team had all weekend".. Chilton gave them an A for RB Jawan Jamison, noting Mike Shanahan's notoriety for never settling on a running back. Fantasy owners take notice.

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