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Tim Tebow ruined his NFL career, not the Jets

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Now that Tim Tebow has been released, is his refusal to give up playing quarterback going to make his NFL career a short one?


The New York Jets released Tim Tebow on Monday morning, in one of the more obvious of post-draft transactions. The Jets picked up quarterback Geno Smith in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft and signed David Garrard in free agency.

With six quarterbacks on the roster, someone had to go. The obvious choice was Tim Tebow.

The big questions now are where will Tebow go? Who will sign him? Will he even play in the NFL?

Tebow's best shot going forward is to change positions at the NFL level and give up his dream of playing quarterback. His pride apparently won't let him do that. Tebow still refuses to consider moving to tight end, H-back, or some other utility position in the NFL, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

His own pride is forcing him to torpedo his own NFL career.

Tebow was lightning in a bottle with the Denver Broncos in 2011, helping the team make a seemingly improbable run into the second round of the playoffs. Tebow got all the credit at the time, but it was on the running game and defense, with a little luck on the offensive side of the ball, conspiring together to get the Broncos the divisional round. The late touchdown pass to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs helped, right before the Broncos' drubbing against the Patriots.

It became obvious then however that Tebow as a fulltime quarterback was never going to work; obvious to everyone but Tim Tebow.

Tebow was shipped off to the New York Jets with the promise of being able to compete for the quarterback position, but it became obvious quickly that he couldn't help the Jets. Tebow sat on the bench for much of the season He played a handful of snaps in a WildCat role on the offense along with some work on special teams. He was passed over on the quarterback depth chart when Mark Sanchez was injured.

There was even a week of either confusion or pouting from Tebow when he allegedly refused to do anymore WildCat type things on the offense. That led to plenty of public scrutiny from the media before the public relations machine quickly worked to put the fire out.

Now Tebow finds himself a free agent. Once he clears waivers he can sign with an NFL franchise, but is anyone going to actually sign him if he continues to be adamant about playing quarterback?

The Jets did Tebow no favors in how he was treated. However, it's Tebow who is doing the most damage to his NFL career by refusing to see the writing on the wall. By continuing to be unwilling to change positions, he is just making himself less and less attractive to NFL teams and putting cracks in that perfect team player persona that he has.

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