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NFL Draft grades 2013: Cowboys, Redskins earn lackluster draft grades in NFC East

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The teams in the NFC East didn't have great drafts altogether, with the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins specifically earning low marks.

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The NFC East saw a shift in power last season, when Robert Griffin III came in and ran the show for the Washington Redskins. The New York Giants had always been the team nearer the top, taking advantage of a weak division to make surprise runs to the Super Bowl a couple of times over the past few years.

But the Redskins don't have far and away the best roster in the division, making the offseason moves all the more important. Did they continue to improve enough in the 2013 NFL Draft to keep the division under their control going forward? Only time will tell, but we've got some overall grades from the draft that has just wrapped up.

Below, we'll take a look at some grades from experts around the Internet. The grades used will be from SB Nation's Dan Kadar, ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr., CBS Sports' Rob Rang and's Chris Burke.

Dallas Cowboys

Kiper: C+
Rang: B-
Burke: C+
Kadar's A+ Pick: C Travis Frederick

The Cowboys have been lambasted for the Frederick pick, not because Frederick will turn out to be a bad player, but due to the fact that he was taken absurdly early, as noted by Kadar. The next center was taken 76 picks later and Frederick doesn't even have that much better tape than him. That said, things improved with TE Gavin Escobar, who could end up being a big time steal if he pans out.

New York Giants

Kiper: C+
Rang: B
Burke: B
Kadar's A+ Pick: DT Johnathan Hankins

Justin Pugh went higher than most figured he would, but it wasn't as big a reach as Frederick to the Cowboys. Hankins should immediately get some playing time and Damontre Moore might be the steal of the draft. Many feel him sliding as far as he did was surprising given that he was once mocked as a third-round pick. There's an awful lot of potential in this draft class.

Philadelphia Eagles

Kiper: B+
Rang: A-
Burke: B+
Kadar's A+ Pick: TE Zach Ertz

The Eagles turned heads when they drafted Matt Barkley, and though it's unclear what his future will be like in Philadelphia, getting him in the fourth round has to qualify as a good pick by any standards. Offensive tackle Lane Johnson should immediately step into a starting job, and Zach Ertz should give the Eagles the dependable target that they've been after for a while now. Definitely a strong class for the Eagles.

Washington Redskins

Kiper: C+
Rang: A-
Burke: C+
Kadar's A+ Pick: CB David Amerson

Aside from the random 'A' grade from Rob Rang, the Redskins didn't pull in one of the top hauls this year. They traded their first-round pick to land RGIII and the class suffered for that. On the other hand, Phillip Thomas and Bacarri Rambo could both find their way into starting roles as safeties, and cornerback David Amerson should also compete for a job, meaning Washington may have entirely revamped their secondary in one draft.

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