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Tim Tebow considered 'radioactive' to NFL teams, per report

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Could the attention Tim Tebow draws keep him from getting another NFL job? At least one general manager thinks so.

Otto Greule Jr

After being released by the Jets on Monday, Tim Tebow's NFL future is in doubt. However, it may be the attention he draws off the field and not his play on it which keeps him from landing with another NFL team. One NFL general manager went as far as calling Tebow "radioactive" because of the distraction his presence creates, according to Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post.

According to the anonymous general manger, Tebow is not a good enough player and does not have enough potential for teams to justify signing him and putting up with the media attention and distraction that surrounds him. Tebow has reportedly improved his throwing motion this offseason, but even if a team thought he could be developed into a backup quarterback, the potential is outweighed by the headache of the accompanying media circus.

Not only do teams not want to deal with the attention that comes with Tebow being on the roster, but many don't even want the distraction of being linked to him. A number of NFL teams distanced themselves from Tebow in the hours following his release.

While NFL teams may not want to deal with the distraction, some team somewhere will certainly attempt to capitalize on the attention Tebow brings. The Arena Football League and the Lingerie Football League -- yes, the Lingerie Football League -- have standing offers to Tebow.

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