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Atlanta Falcons stadium concepts hail from planet Zorbinon

♪ STARTING TO SEE SPACESHIPS ON BANKHEAAAAD ♫ ... Let's assess the concept's 10 most insane features here.

Georgia World Congress Center


The Falcons' new retractable stadium could rank as the 11th- or 12th-weirdest building in that specific part of Atlanta, if one of the design company's two concepts ends up being anything like what gets selected.

Video of the two in action, via WSBTV.

Both images come via the GWCC. Above is the insane one, which opens like billion-dollar origami. Below is the less insane one, which neatly closes to shelve your immense sports venue for regifting:


There are many more images and evidences of exorbitant insanity in this PDF. HT @Gorilla_Vanilla.