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Joe Flacco to play Johnny Unitas in upcoming film

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The Ravens quarterback is going to the big screen.


Joe Flacco, elite quarterback? A Super Bowl MVP Award and $120 million contract say yes. But there's another burning question left to answer: Joe Flacco, elite actor?

We should know soon enough because Flacco has agreed to play Johnny Unitas in an upcoming movie about Baltimore's other elite quarterback, "Unitas We Stand," according to the Los Angeles Times. The film is based on the book "Johnny U: The Life and Times of Johnny Unitas."

Flacco is understandably excited about another role of a lifetime. He said so in a statement on the film's website.

"I'm excited and honored by the opportunity to play Johnny Unitas."

That sounds exactly like the kind of statement you would expect from a guy who went to McDonald's after signing his contract extension. Pretty astute casting, really; the NFL's most anonymous superstar playing an icon of square America.

Fans won't get to see Flacco reading script on camera though. Sorry. He's only going to play Unitas under the helmet in the 1958 Championship Game.

NFL Films will release the film. Joe Unitas, Johnny's son, is a co-writer and a producer. A theatrical release isn't guaranteed just yet.

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