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Chargers not interested in Tim Tebow addition

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The Chargers are the latest team to say it has no interest in bringing in the most popular backup quarterback of all-time.

Otto Greule Jr

The San Diego Chargers have no interest in bringing in backup quarterback/future starting tight end Tim Tebow, according to

With San Diego having Philip Rivers firmly entrenched as the starter Tebow would have been coming in as a backup, but first-year general manager Tom Telesco says that won't be happening. Per the article:

"We're really happy with the two quarterbacks we have, and we drafted one in the seventh round that we think has developmental upside, so we're happy with our three quarterbacks right now," Telesco said.

Tebow was cut on Monday by the New York Jets after only one season in which he was all but nailed to the bench. The Jets had traded for Tebow prior to the season, acquiring him for a 6th round pick from the Denver Broncos.

Last season, Tebow threw for 39 yards while having a QBR of 17.9, both career lows.

It doesn't appear Tebow has too many teams going after his services despite his pedigree of being a winner as a Heisman Trophy recipient and a two-time national champion with the Florida Gators in college.

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