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Branden Albert trade between Chiefs and Dolphins 'dead,' per report

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The drawn-out negotiation process between the Chiefs and the Dolphins over Branden Albert has finally died, according to reports.

Peter Aiken

The long-teased trade sending Kansas City Chiefs left tackle Branden Albert to the Miami Dolphins is "dead," according to's Ian Rapoport. The Chiefs were looking for a second-round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft for the franchise left tackle, and reportedly were only offered a third-round selection by Miami.

The Chiefs openly had Albert on the trading block prior to the 2013 NFL Draft, even after giving him the team's franchise tag at the start of free agency. Albert wants a long-term contract at a hefty price, and the Chiefs had their choice between elite offensive tackle prospects Eric Fisher and Luke Joeckel with the No. 1 overall pick, making Albert expendable.

The Dolphins have a gaping hole at left tackle, after letting Jake Long sign with the St. Louis Rams as an unrestricted free agent. They were reportedly willing to pay Albert what he wanted to go to Miami, but trade talks apparently fell apart when it came to compensation for the Chiefs.

The Chiefs are still open to negotiations, and are reportedly looking for a 2014 second-round pick. Now that the 2013 draft is over, however, there is less of a rush to get a deal done. Plenty of other teams besides the Dolphins may be willing to chomp at the bit, including the San Diego Chargers, Detroit Lions, Arizona Cardinals and New Orleans Saints.

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