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NFL news roundup: Raiders CEO Amy Trask resigns, Matt Barkley thinks he's ready

Oakland Raiders CEO Amy Trask announced her resignation from the team, Matt Barkley thinks he's ready to go, and more from Saturday in the NFL.


Rookie minicamps are in full swing around the NFL and there's a lot to talk about. Of course, the amount of substantial news that can come out of the first two or three days of a rookie learning the game at the next level is limited. Fortunately, there was plenty of other news to discuss on Saturday. Let's get to it.

The biggest news to come out on Saturday was the fact that Oakland Raiders CEO Amy Trask resigned from the position. Trask was notable not just because of her 25 years with the organization, but because she was the first female CEO in the NFL. It sounds like new owner Mark Davis was going to diminish her role going forward, hence the resignation.

Levi Damien of Silver and Black Pride looks at the move in a negative light:

This is disappointing news to say the least. Trask was with the Raiders organization for the past 25 years. Her hiring by the Raiders broke the gender barrier as she was the first female team executive in NFL history and remained the highest ranking female executive in all of professional sports.

Trask was known for her fan outreach and her many years as the steady hand in the Raiders organization and she will be missed. The Raiders have said they will be issuing a statement soon.

While not strictly pertaining only to Saturday's news, SB Nation's Ryan Van Bibber wrote about Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Matt Barkley, and how Barkley thinks he's ready to play now. Barkley is likely the future starter for the Eagles, but most feel that he'll be fighting an uphill battle to win the job in his rookie season against incumbent Michael Vick.

It's hard to say what exactly Kelly has planned for Barkley and the offense. If Kelly and Shurmur can tap into his upside, they could adapt the Eagles offense to fit around him.

Philadelphia's newest quarterback said all the right things after his first day on the practice field, the usual bits about embracing the competition and having something to prove. However, it's Kelly who has the last word on Barkley's future.

The San Francisco 49ers addressed the departure of Dashon Goldson by drafting safety Eric Reid in the first round. Donte Whitner is starting on the other side, but throughout the whole offseason they've been linked to veteran safety Charles Woodson, who remains a free agent. That's now off the table, as Woodson has declared the 49ers are no longer an option. Over at Niners Nation, they looked at why. Namely, they came to the conclusion that Reid would have to have a very bad showing in training camp for Woodson to come back into the picture.

In other news, the Miami Dolphins are still trying to get their stadium situation taken care of. On Saturday, Roger Goodell made it clear that the league "wants" the Dolphins to stay in Miami. As Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk points out, Goodell said "wants" and not "will," in regards to the Dolphins staying. When the Minnesota Vikings initially couldn't get their stadium deal done, Goodell made it clear that the team moving was a legitimate possibility, and he comes just short of saying that here with Miami.

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