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Tyler Bray has a shot to make the Chiefs roster

Tyler Bray is performing well in Chiefs rookie camp. Whether he'll do enough to claw his way into the No. 3 quarterback spot ahead of Ricky Stanzi remains to be seen.

Jamie Squire

Tyler Bray looked like a surefire top pick in the NFL Draft once upon a time, or at least a Day 2 selection. He fell past the seventh round in April, however, and is currently fighting for a roster spot on the Kansas City Chiefs after signing as an undrafted free agent.

The good news is that he is flashing his potential in rookie camp, according to the Kansas City Star. The Chiefs also brought in Kansas quarterback Dayne Crist and Eastern Michigan quarterback Alex Gillett on a trial basis. So far, Bray has outshined both, though neither Crist nor Gillett were considered to have much NFL potential. After a rocky final year at Tennessee, Bray seems relieved to be back playing well on the practice field.

"I made a lot of mistakes at Tennessee,'' said Bray. "I had a lot of off the field issues and that could have had something to do with it. Stupid mistakes. I'm here now and I'm a free agent. That's OK with me. I'm just here to play football."

Bray is competing for the third spot on the quarterback depth chart, behind Alex Smith and Chase Daniel. His competition is Ricky Stanzi, who will have a chance to prove his worth beginning Tuesday when full-squad practices begin. Stanzi has three years of NFL experience over Bray, but he doesn't have the same potential from a physical standpoint. Bray's arm was considered one of the best in his draft class.

Whether Bray is ready from a maturity standpoint is still unclear. Many agree (including, now, Bray himself) that another year in college may have been beneficial. Regardless, he's in the league now, and could be poised for a long NFL career if he can consistently play up to his capability.

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