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Brandon Weeden has a chance to be Browns QB beyond 2013

The second-year signal-caller is in need of a big season to keep his job moving forward.


When you're a 29-year-old quarterback, the laws of development tend to go out the window. Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden is learning that hard truth, exacerbated by a regime change in the coaching and front office ranks.

Yet, if Weeden can have a productive year under first-year offensive coordinator Norv Turner, he might not be on the chopping block after all, according to

Last year was a nightmare once against for the Browns, who posted a miserable 5-11 record and saw coach Pat Shurmur get his walking papers.

Weeden was definitely part of the problem, throwing 17 interceptions compared to only 14 touchdowns.

Unquestionably, Weeden is going to be closely monitored as the 2013 season progresses. His age is already factoring in and the upcoming crop of quarterbacks in next year's draft looks to be deep.

With Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater, Aaron Murray and others coming out in the next few years, the Browns will have a franchise-altering decision on their hands. Of course, that's if Weeden doesn't make it for them one way or the other.

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