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Tim Tebow offered job with Philadelphia Soul

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Ron Jaworski says Tim Tebow can play quarterback for him, although it would be as a backup and in the Arena Football League.

Win McNamee

Ron Jaworski wants Tim Tebow to play for his Arena Football League team -- but not as a starting quarterback, per Josh Alper of Pro Football Talk. The owner of the Philadelphia Soul has apparently reached out to Tebow about a role that would see him as their primary backup with a few specialty sets.

Jaworski, an NFL analyst for ESPN, worked with Soul coach Clint Dolezal on piecing together a series of plays designed for Tebow, which they sent over to the free-agent quarterback. But they specified that they still expect Dan Raudabaugh, a Miami (Ohio) product who currently starts at quarterback for the squad, to remain the team's starter. Jaworski elaborated on how playing Arena Football can help Tebow:

"One [criticism] of Tebow is that he is slow and methodical," Jaworski said. "He would be forced to quicken it up in this league and it would be good training for him. You can learn a lot in this league. It’s about processing information and getting the ball out … or you get whacked."

The offer actually appears to be one of the more serious ones out there after the Jets cut Tebow.. We had the typical publicity stunts like a team called the Omaha Beef offering him $75 a game and the Lingerie Football League asking for Tebow to be a league-wide quarterbacks coach. But it would still be a little bit degrading to go from an NFL player to an arena league backup, and it doesn't appear to be enough to pique the former Heisman winner's interest.

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