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What up world: An appreciation of Roddy White's amazing Twitter

You should follow Roddy White on Twitter, because Roddy White on Twitter is great.


Roddy White is my favorite football player, and not just because he's an excellent wide receiver who crafted the following three splendid tweets:

He's also created many other tweets, all of which are likewise wonderful. And not HA HA LOOK AT INTERNET wonderful, but the kind of presence that gives one the sense of knowing this impulsive, inclusive man getting to live out his dream job in public.

A careful reader will note his appreciation for 2 Chainz, this steak joint in Atlanta named Houston's, thriftiness, UAB football, his fellow Falcons wide receivers, cars, and non-pro wrestling, while Skip Bayless, the NFL Network's Top 100 players countdown, Roger Goodell, traffic, and Jeff Green of the Boston Celtics draw his frequent ire. He really has a lot to say about Jeff Green. Sometimes Roddy loses his temper on Twitter, but he apologizes within hours, often while citing the lessons of The Energy Bus. And every new day means either a "What up world" or a "Good morning world."

Whittling the wonders of the last few years of Roddy White Twitter down to a few selections was a challenge. But here's a sampling of some regular Roddy White tweet genres:

Roddy White, family man.

Roddy White messes with Saints fans.

There used to be way, way, way more of this, but it's long been deleted. Roddy White has long been public enemy No. 1 on New Orleans Twitter. The one in the middle here isn't so cool (which is why he deleted it years ago), but it shows just how far this Twitter rivalry drove the otherwise Twitter-harmless Roddy White.

The grace of god gave them tht championship so tht city wouldn fall apart now and now they think they hot shit in ... than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter

Roddy White crowdsources his information-gathering.

Roddy White knows better.

Roddy White went to Senegal with Larry Fitzgerald to work for Oxfam International.

Roddy White doesn't stress over a typo or two.

Roddy White wonders.

Roddy White on politics.

Roddy White walked right into that one.

Roddy White has had enough.

Roddy White has fantasy football concerns.

Roddy White is unimpressed with your school's quarterback.

Roddy White has some sort of business venture.

Roddy White is a fan of popular sports teams.

Roddy White, general manager.

Roddy White likes giving stuff away.

Roddy White addresses the world.

Roddy White says hello.

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