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Saints rookies Kenny Stills, Kenny Vaccaro are confusing people

People named Kenny all look alike.

Justin K. Aller

LOS ANGELES - The New Orleans Saints went heavy on Kennys in the 2013 NFL Draft. They drafted Texas safety Kenny Vaccaro in the first round and Oklahoma wide receiver Kenny Stills in the fourth round. It's apparently confusing people.

"Kenny and I are actually really cool," Stills said Friday at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere. "We're trying to figure out a way for people to differentiate us because we're both light skinned and tattooed and named Kenny."

Stills conceded that the first-round pick had the better tattoos.

"I'm sure he's probably paid a little bit more. Probably have some better artists in Austin."

Stills and Vaccaro know each other from their college days being on opposite sides in the Red River Rivalry. All that's behind them though, according to the receiver.

"We're really cool," Stills said. "We haven't had any intense conversations about the rivalry because there's nothing to talk about. It's plain and simple how it's been in the past. We've been successful."