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NFL, Premiere League Rugby partner to bring sport to U.S.

Rugby may finally be coming to the United States, thanks to the country's most powerful sporting league.

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The National Football League is the most popular and powerful sports league in America, and it could be using its muscle to bring another sport stateside. The NFL has partnered up with the Premier Rugby League and intends to create a professional rugby league in the United States, according to Forbes.

The two leagues have already made strides towards expanding rugby in America. There will be an exhibition game played at Gillette Stadium between the London Irish and a "US Barbarians" team made up of international stars. The game will be played in August and televised on the NFL Network.

Rugby is massively popular overseas, but it's never been more than a niche sport in America despite sharing many similarities to American football. The NFL has the resources and connections to change that, though. If the August exhibition game is a success, look for the wheels to start turning on an official American league.

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