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NFL news roundup: Chargers sign Dwight Freeney, Willie Colon thinks Mike Goodson will be released

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It was a slower day on Saturday, but one of the big-name free-agents remaining on the market was signed, and we found out that the NFL is bringing rugby to the United States. Read on for what else you might have missed.

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One of the few remaining big-name free-agents signed a new deal Saturday, as the San Diego Chargers were able to ink pass rusher Dwight Freeney to a two-year contract. The move makes all the sense in the world, as Freeney was without a team and Melvin Ingram tore his ACL.

Richard Wade of Bolts From The Blue talks about Freeney's fit in the defense. In short, he's not too worried:

Some fans will ask, "but how does he fit?" John Pagano will fit the defense to Freeney because Freeney is his only proven pass rusher and few things are as important as generating a pass rush.

While not exactly pertinent to the NFL now or this upcoming season, one interesting bit of news from Saturday: the fact that the NFL is bringing rugby to the United States. The NFL is partnering up with the Premier Rugby League and will create a professional rugby league stateside. Neat!

In other news, the New York Jets have a big mess at the quarterback position. OK, that's not exactly news, but the thought that the Jets could be in the market for a veteran signal-caller is news, and that's exactly what was reported on Saturday. David Garrard retired after several injury issues, and the Jets have Mark Sanchez and rookie Geno Smith after him. A veteran joining the roster seems inevitable, not just likely.

Sticking with the Jets, the biggest news for them at the moment has to do with running back Mike Goodson. He was arrested for marijuana possession, and the Jets have released two players already for the same offense. Could Goodson be next? The New York Daily News reported on Saturday that Goodson's teammate, Willie Colon, thinks it's a foregone conclusion. Needless to say, that would be more than a little disappointing for Jets fans after Goodson was given a three-year contract.

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