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Chip Kelly teaches Michael Vick how to hold a football

Chip Kelly recently taught Michael Vick how to properly hold a football. Yep.

Jim McIsaac

Michael Vick is a somewhat controversial figure these days, but most will agree that he has, as a whole, been a pretty darn good football player throughout his 10 seasons in the NFL. After 20,274 passing yards and 5,551 rushing yards, you wouldn't think he had much more to learn. Then he met Chip Kelly (via

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"The other day, I broke out in the pocket, and the first thing Chip told me was to tuck the football," Vick said. "So I showed him how I was running with it, and he looked at it and he knocked the ball right out of my hands. And he was like, ‘Hold it like this.' And what he told me felt comfortable. I had a tighter grip on the football. That should secure that problem as long as I work on it. Like I said, you're always a work in progress, and even when you think you know it all, sometimes you don't. The people who feel like they know everything, they don't."

That's right, the new Philadelphia Eagles head coach is apparently the first person to teach Vick how to properly hold a football. As of press time, it is unclear how the most fundamental lesson in football went untaught throughout Vick's peewee, high school, college and professional career. Perhaps his coaches were too awestruck by his talent that they forgot their heads.

Whatever the case, Vick will hopefully fix his turnover issues as a result. Vick has 32 fumbles in his last 35 games, 12 of which resulted in turnovers. Last year, he had 10 interceptions and four lost fumbles in 10 game appearances.

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