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Michael Vick raced LeSean McCoy and won

A little trash talk led to a race between Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy, and as McCoy found out, Vick is still really fast.

Rich Schultz

Michael Vick has been criticized for accuracy and decision making during his NFL career, but few have ever questioned his speed. Eagles running back LeSean McCoy attempted to question it, but learned first-hand that Vick can still run.

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According to Vick, McCoy called the 32-year-old quarterback old and challenged him to a footrace. After getting approval from Eagles coach Chip Kelly, Vick agreed to race and proceeded to beat the 24-year-old running back in a 40-yard dash. Not only did Vick win, but it apparently wasn't close.

McCoy has been trash-talking Vick for a while, according to Pro Football Talk. Vick apparently decided enough was enough and showed McCoy and the other Eagles staff and players watching that he still has wheels. One source told Mike Florio that Vick won the race by roughly five yards. That might be slightly exaggerated, but it apparently wasn't a photo finish.

While Vick won, the victory wasn't without controversy. McCoy took to Twitter to call foul, claiming Vick got a head start.

McCoy went on to call Vick one of the three fastest players on the team, which is saying something considering DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin are among the fastest players in the NFL. Although he did not run at the NFL Scouting Combine coming out of college, Vick was rumored to have timed in the 4.3s, while McCoy ran a 4.5 at the 2009 combine.

As for a potential rematch, Vick said he's done racing and is focusing on the upcoming season.

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