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Calvin Johnson admits playing with broken fingers in 2012

Calvin Johnson admitted Monday that his receiving-yardage record was set last season while playing with broken fingers.


Calvin Johnson admitted Monday that he played the 2012 season with broken fingers, according to Chris McCosky of the Detroit News. Similar rumors surfaced in February, after the wide receiver set an NFL record with 1,964 yards receiving last season.

Johnson has not, nor will he undergo surgery on his hand. Instead he's working on straightening out his finger on his own while preparing for the Detroit Lions' upcoming season. It's hard to project any long-term concerns about his playing ability considering how he well he handled himself last year. Johnson should technically be even better in 2013, which is a scary thought for opponents.

Johnson's biggest potential for improvement is in the end zone. He is hoping the Lions can make more trips to the red zone so that he can improve on his relatively paltry five touchdown receptions from a year ago. Johnson signed an eight-year contract worth $132 million last march, putting him in a Lions uniform through 2019 provided the contract is fulfilled.

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