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Daryl Washington pleads not guilty to assault

The Arizona Cardinals linebacker entered his plea on Monday.


Daryl Washington was arrested on May 3 for two counts of aggravated assault directed at the mother of his child. Following an initial appearance in court last weak, Washington entered a not guilty plea Monday in Phoenix, according to the Associated Press.

The Cardinals linebacker has been free since posting bail earlier this month. It's reported the dispute arose as a result of a conflict over visitation with the couple's young child. A woman referred to as Washington's "ex-girlfriend," claimed that she was choked by the player during the argument, and police regarded her injuries as consistent with her claims.

Washington was coming off his best season as a pro in 2012, one where he was awarded Second-Team All-Pro honors, and named by his peers as one of the NFL's top 100 players. He finished last season with 134 tackles, and 9.0 sacks -- both career highs. The NFL has made no announcement on punishment of their own, typically avoiding judgement until the legal process takes course.

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