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RGIII injury: Redskins QB says he would feel comfortable starting Week 1

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Griffin talked to reporters on Thursday after making throws during OTAs.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Redskins fans have been fearful of the amount of time that quarterback Robert Griffin III could miss following his knee injury in the playoffs against the Seattle Seahawks. Griffin was making throws at OTAs on Thursday, however, as part of his rehab and told reporters that he thinks he could start in Week 1 even if he missed the entire preseason.

The 2012 Offensive Rookie of the Year also said that it would be up to the team doctors as far as the timetable for his return and what he is allowed to do during the rehab process. Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was able to return to the team last season by Week 1 despite a similarly tough injury near the end of the previous season, but Griffin noted that everybody's healing process is different.'s Albert Breer had more from Griffin on Twitter, noting that RGIII would like to be back in time for training camp and that he has two steps left in rehab before he feels comfortable to return: To start "explosive sprinting" in a "few weeks" and then being able to start "cutting" his runs a few weeks after that. Griffin also noted that he won't change his "mindset" of his playing style but that he could be smarter about it.

Griffin exceeded even the highest expectations during his rookie season as he completed 65.6 percent of his passes for 3,200 yards, 20 touchdowns, five interceptions, and 815 yards rushing with another seven touchdowns as he guided the Redskins to an NFC East title and playoff berth. He was already limping early against the Seahawks in their Wild Card matchup at home, but the team opted to let him keep playing before he ultimately bent his knee the wrong late in the game and received the bad news on his knee.

Many have hoped that he could recover quickly and not lose that explosive step that separates Griffin from most athletes, but while we won't know that until he finally returns to game action, the news is at least so far positive.

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