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NFL news roundup: Anthony McCoy tears Achilles, Mike Goodson returning to practice next week

Anthony McCoy tore his Achilles and could miss the entire season, Mike Goodson should return to Jets practice next week and more from Friday.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks have done a lot to revamp their offense around quarterback Russell Wilson, but they took a step back on Friday as tight end Anthony McCoy suffered an Achilles tear and will likely miss a large amount of time. McCoy isn't the top tight end -- that's Zach Miller -- but he's been getting better each year in the league and many expected him to take another step forward in his development this season.

Unfortunately, his injury could mean he'll miss the entirety of the upcoming season. Over at Field Gulls, they expressed their disappointment:

Regardless - huge bummer for McCoy, who enters (and will likely miss) his contract year. The 4th year player has been one of my 'sleeper' breakout picks the past two seasons, and while he played well in 2012, I had thought he could make another nice jump in production in 2013. The Hawks will now have to test more of their depth, and keep an eye on roster cutdowns across the league.

Here's what else went down on Friday that you may have missed.

Pats unsure on Gronk's back injury

The New England Patriots are a much better team when tight end Rob Gronkowski is on the field. Unfortunately, he's been dealing with injury concerns that extend further than the problems with his forearm (he recently had his fourth surgery on the arm). Gronkowski has back issues, but when asked about the problems on Friday, team owner Robert Kraft said he doesn't have enough information himself and that the Patriots are unsure what to think about it. Uncertainty can never be a good thing in this situation.

Goodson to return next week

Many questioned whether or not the New York Jets would part ways with running back Mike Goodson after his arrest, which included possession of marijuana. However, as reported on Friday, it looks like Goodson will be back practicing with the team next week. The Jets have released a few players recently for drug-related issues and some thought Goodson, despite signing a three-year deal this offseason, could be a casualty in a "zero tolerance," policy. That appears not to be the case.

'Nothing serious' for Seymour

Richard Seymour seems as though he has some productive snaps left in him at the NFL level, but he remains unsigned. There were some recent reports that Seymour was close to signing with the Atlanta Falcons, but on Friday, that was debunked with the news that there is "nothing serious" between the Falcons and Seymour at this time.

Nalen admits trying to injure Olshansky

Former Denver Broncos offensive lineman Tom Nalen admitted that he was trying to injure Igor Olshansky when he went low on a play back in 2006. Nalen thinks that what he did doesn't qualify him as a "dirty player," but the intent to injure can't be interpreted as much else. Nalen is retired, of course, so he NFL has no way to reprimand him for his statements at the team's press conference.

Shanahan thinks RGIII can be an all-time great

Robert Griffin III has a long way to go on his road to recovery, but Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan thinks that he has a bright future ahead of him. On Thursday, Shanahan said that Griffin can be among the all-time NFL greats if he can replicate his 2012 production for the remainder of his career. Given Griffin's stats, it's hard to argue with him.

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