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NFL news roundup: Jay-Z under investigation, Canty takes Flacco over Eli

The rapper may have violated some rules in his recruitment of Geno Smith, and John Fox defends his playoff decision-making.


Just 15 weeks until the NFL season gets underway, here is a look at some news around the league from Sunday:

Jay-Z under investigation for signing of Geno Smith

TMZ -- who else -- is reporting that the NFL is investigating a possible rules violation by Roc Nation Sports in the signing of rookie quarterback Geno Smith as a client. Rapper Jay-Z owns the company, having decided to expand his empire into the world of sports management after signing Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano earlier this year. The issue arose when a picture appeared on Instagram featuring the musician with Smith prior to the deal being completed. Jay-Z is not certified as an agent -- as a result, he cannot be involved in negotiations between Smith and Roc Nation Sports. Whether this was simply a misstep or the arrogance of a celebrity getting involved in a new business remains to be seen.

Chris Canty: Flacco > Eli

Defensive tackle Chris Canty shared a locker room with Eli Manning for four seasons as a member of the New York Giants before joining the Baltimore Ravens this offseason. His first assessment: Joe Flacco is a better quarterback than Eli Manning. Canty cites Flacco's Super Bowl win and deep-throw ability as the difference-makers, saying anyone who disagrees should "look at the tape." Canty comes off as ungrateful, having been on a Super Bowl-winning team with Manning. Eli also won a Super Bowl without Canty following the 2007 season, giving him one more than Flacco and one more than Canty has won with any other team.

John Fox defends decision to take a knee in playoff game

With 31 seconds remaining and two timeouts to play with, Broncos head coach John Fox decided not to go for the win at the end of regulation against Baltimore in the Divisional Playoffs. Two overtime periods later, Denver was eliminated and Baltimore went on to win the Super Bowl. But when asked if he would do it again, Fox said he wouldn't abandon the conservative approach used in the final minutes of regulation. Fox did admit to thinking long and hard about the decision in the offseason, but came to the same conclusion. Baltimore had returned an interception for a touchdown earlier in the game, something Fox admitted was on his mind at the time. Those 31 seconds may not have been enough to get in scoring range, but the consensus is that the Broncos should have at least tried. You know, Peyton Manning and all.

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