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NFL news roundup: Vick says he's the fastest QB, Packers have competition at right tackle

Michael Vick's bid for the starting job in Philly includes asserting that he's the fastest quarterback in the league.

Michael Heiman

Memorial Day Weekend is a holiday for most, but there's always some news brewing around the NFL. A rundown of some of the more interesting stories is below.

Michael Vick is undoubtedly mindful of the competition he'll be facing at quarterback, and he's taken the opportunity to remind everyone that he's the fastest man at the position, including Robert Griffin III and Colin Kaepernick. Not everyone is buying it, but over at Eagles blog Bleeding Green Nation they note that the offense is resisting labels. With an array of tricks up their sleeve, the team may not be so dependent on Vick's speed, which may or may not still exist.

Teams are just beginning to sort out what their rosters might look like, and one of the big questions for the Green Bay Packers is who will start at right tackle. Packers blog Acme Packing Company has a full brief on each possibility, as well as a dark horse most might not see coming.

The Baltimore Ravens secured the services of quarterback Joe Flacco well into the future, but that may come to haunt them. The deal he signed puts serious salary cap pressure on the team down the road. If this bothers Flacco, he hasn't told his agent about it. "I'm not apologetic," says agent Joe Linta. Ravens blog Baltimore Beatdown has the story.

In other contract news the New England Patriots restructured Julian Edelman's deal to be more beneficial for the team. Patriots blog Pats Pulpit has an explanation of how it can actually benefit both Edelman and the team.

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