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Jason Peters injury: Eagles OT impresses coaches with rehab

Jason Peters is mounting an impressive comeback from his twice-ruptured Achillies' tendon. If he can stay healthy, the Eagle should be a much better offense in 2013.

Rob Carr

Jason Peters didn't play a single game for the Philadelphia Eagles last season. He ruptured his Achilles' tendon twice and was forced to watch his team struggle. Consider that left guard Evan Mathis was the only starter to not miss extensive playing time last season, and it's no surprise the offensive line struggled mightily, giving up 48 sacks.

New head coach Chip Kelly expects that to change. For one, he brought in former Alabama offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland to bring the line back to playing with physicality. For another, the line will be much healthier, perhaps most especially Peters. According to Stoutland, the veteran left tackle is looking as good as he did pre-injury:

"Honestly, you wouldn't know Jason ever had an injury," Stoutland said. "For a guy his size, the leverage that he gains. . . he plays so low to the ground. Moves his feet so fast. Out of all the players I've ever coached, he's got the best balance and body control of anybody I've ever seen.''

The line is learning an entirely new blocking system under Kelly and Stoutland, and early feedback indicates that the unit is taking to the new concepts well. The line could struggle to pick up new terminology and keys and still improve from last season by virtue of being healthier and adding rookie Lane Johnson to the mix, however. Peters and Co. have proven themselves plenty capable in the past, provided they can stay on the field.

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