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Andy Reid brings 'fast-paced' mindset to Chiefs practices

Kansas City's new head coach is trying to bring intensity to practice.


The Kansas City Chiefs are coming off a rough season in which they won just two games. With a new regime in place, first-year head coach Andy Reid is shaking things up by bringing a fast-paced tempo to practice.

"High energy, fast-paced," Chiefs QB Alex Smith said. "Never a dull moment out here; non-stop for sure. It's full speed ahead. I'm working as hard as I can and push us as fast as we can go ... that's just what I'm trying to do."

After such a down year, Reid wants a change of attitude in KC. He's hoping a change of pace in practice will allow players to actually enjoy themselves, which likely didn't happen too often during the 2012 campaign. It also doesn't hurt that the up-tempo sessions will have his players in good condition for the long NFL season ahead.

"Number one thing is conditioning," Chiefs TE Kevin Brock said. "Every team is working hard, but at the same time, they're not prepared for our pace. We feel like, if we can push the pace and we execute our plays, we have a significant advantage."

Considering the bad final record, the Chiefs' defense wasn't as bad as it could have been last season. Kansas City finished 13th in the NFL in total defense, allowing 356.5 yards per game. It was the offense that really hurt the team. The Chiefs ranked 24th in total O, compiling 319.2 yards per contest. It was a lack of offensive talent, rather than a lack of conditioning, that doomed Kansas City.

Still, being in better shape than their opponents can only help the Chiefs' chances at success.