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RGIII consults Adrian Peterson on recovery from ACL injury

Robert Griffin III is recovering from ACL surgery, and he's seeking advice from a player who's bounced back from the same injury with great success.

Patrick McDermott

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III saw his 2012 season end with torn ligaments in his right knee leading to reconstructive surgery in the offseason. That's a tough injury from which to recover, so RGIII is seeking advice from someone with experience: Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson.

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Griffin has spoken with Peterson about his recovery, according to Mark Maske of the Washington Post, and he says the Vikings back gave him familiar advice.

"I'm not all-knowing about the injury so I listen to guys," Griffin said. "You know, Adrian said what everyone else said. I'm not Adrian. Adrian's not me. Everybody's body heals a little bit differently. Rex [Grossman, the Redskins' third-string quarterback] also tore an ACL in his career. He's talked to me about the uncertainties that he had with the injury."

It's not the first time Griffin has suffered an ACL tear; he dealt with the same injury in college at Baylor. However, being the face of the franchise in Washington puts more pressure on the QB to come back and perform well. If he can bounce back in similar fashion to Peterson, who totaled 2,097 yards and 12 TDs last year in his return from the injury, RGIII will be just fine.

Griffin had surgery on Jan. 9. Typical recovery time is roughly six to nine months, and the Redskins open the 2013 season on Sept. 9 against the Philadelphia Eagles.

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