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Tim Tebow on ESPN, FOX radar for analyst gig if he bypasses football

You think ESPN shows a lot of Tebow now?

Jeff Zelevansky

Is a television career Tim Tebow's best chance at staying around the game of football?

Make no mistake, Tebow really wants to be a quarterback in the National Football League. But after being released by the New York Jets and subsequently clearing waivers, it's obvious that NFL teams don't seem to have much interest in the former Heisman Trophy winner.

Tebow has also refused to switch positions, further damaging his chances of finding an NFL team. But he may still have hope of finding a future in football. Fox and ESPN both have Tebow on their radar for an analyst position if he isn't playing football next season, according to the New York Daily News.

At some point, Tebow is going to have to swallow his pride. Either he will have to choose to play a different position, go to the CFL or step in front of a camera and be an analyst of the game he loves.

ESPN believes Tebow will be playing football somewhere next season, according to the Daily News, but they are prepared to make a big push for him if he does decide to make the switch to television.

Former players have obviously seen plenty of success in sports broadcasting, and given Tebow's fan base, he could be a major catch for either of the major sports networks.

The deal could be big for Tebow as well. At the moment, he doesn't have many endorsements coming his way since he hasn't been on the football field. However, getting his face on TV could open that door back up for Tebow.

A lucrative career could be waiting for Tebow, but he just has to swallow his pride.

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